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Deleted C-Clip 'creation.date'

I asked this question in the Centera Support community.  Looks like I should have asked it here in Developer Network > Centera, so...

Per SDK API Programming Guide, page 247-248, Reflections have 'creation.date' plus all the C-Clips standard attributes, including the deleted C-Clip's 'creation.date'.  When I use FPQueryResult_GetField() to get 'creation.date', I get the reflections 'creation.date'.  I also get the reflections 'creation.date' if I ask for it a second time or if I use FPQueryResult_GetTimestamp().

How do I retrieve the deleted C-Clip's 'creation.date'?

Don't know if it matters, but I am using SDK 3.1.544 (running Win2003 server).

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