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Does Centera allow NICE PERFORM deleting files?


In my company we have a centera to archive files from NICE PERFORM 4.1 It is working fine to write and read files.

We want now to configure a retention plan in NICE. For example we would like calls older than 2 year were deteled automatically. There is an option in NICE to force deletion in the archivement plan. However, our provider says that this action only deletes the call in NICE db, but never deletes the centera files asociated.

Is that true? Does anyone know a way to delete automatically the files in centera associated to NICE recordings?


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Re: Does Centera allow NICE PERFORM deleting files?

Hello Gabriel -

My company has worked with NICE on many data migration projects involving Centera.  I do not know the details of of behavior of the various versions and configurations, but as far as I have seen  at customer sites NICE Storage Center server will delete archived recordings from Centera upon retention expiration.  You may want to contact NICE support directly about your particular configuration http://www.nice.com/support.

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Mike Horgan

Interlock Technology Inc.


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