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EMC Elastic Cloud Storage virtual appliance purpose

Hello All,

I have question for centera community :

EMC Elastic Cloud Storage virtual appliance software can create storage containers from both VNX and Centera, and be able to access the storage containers via HDFS ?

Thank you

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Re: EMC Elastic Cloud Storage virtual appliance purpose


I asked a similar question at using Centera through ECS for HDFS cold storage and in the end we had to simply revert back to direct Centera access via SDK at the application level.

It seems that for CAS storage (Atmos and Centera) you must use the CAS setup within ECS. This rules out using HDFS - only ECS buckets that support HDFS can be used, not object/CAS.

Conversely, Azure, S3, Swift, etc. are all HDFS-compatible, and many object storage solutions offer S3 interfaces. One is Caringo, offering HDFS integration + object storage and data retention capabilities on commodity disks.

EMC would like you to replace Centera with ECS, and will even let applications built with the Centera API talk to Centera and Atmos through ECS, but you can't have your HDFS cake and eat it too it seems, the Centera API doesn't fit unfortunately.

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