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Event Based Retention Using Centera/ECS

We're currently using IBM Optim to format and archive compliance-related data to Centera/ECS.  We set retention based on the entire collection of data and once the retention period ends, e.g., 3 years, 6 years, the data drops off. 

We have a new requirement to utilize event based retention based on a number of trigger events which Optim is unable to do.  For example, we would load a customer record name and address with a retention period of "indefinite but once the account is closed the original retention period is reset to 6 years from the date of the account closure.  Additionally, if an account has a change of address, the old address must be retained for 6 years then it can drop off.  We would then need to keep the new address indefinitely until the account is closed at which point the retention is then set for 6 years.

There are several time and event-based scenarios in addition to this one that will need to be accommodated.

In place of Optim, is there another product that would handle this type of event based retention of being able to update existing records in Centera/ECS based on specific triggers?

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