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FPLibraryException while calling BlobWritePartial

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From andreas.roeder@firstdata

Posted Fri Apr 18, 2008

I'm using 8 Threads to write a 41 MB file to the Centera with the BlobWritePartial Method. Most of the times it works, but sometimes I'm getting this FPLibraryException:


Eine Ausnahme vom Typ EMC.Centera.FPTypes.FPLibraryException wurde ausgelöst.

bei EMC.Centera.FPApi.SDK.CheckAndThrowError()

bei EMC.Centera.FPApi.Tag.BlobWritePartial(FPTagRef inTag, FPStreamRef inStre

am, FPLong inOptions, FPLong inSequenceID)

bei EMC.Centera.SDK.FPTag.BlobWritePartial(FPStream inStream, Int64 inSequenc

eID, Int64 inOptions)

bei EMC.Centera.SDK.FPTag.BlobWritePartial(FPStream inStream, Int64 inSequenc


bei Centera_NETWrapper.CenteraConnectorDotNetWrapper.<>c__DisplayClass5.<Stor

eDocument>b__0() in C:\Centera\CenteraTestDotNet\Centera.NETWrapper\CenteraConne

ctorDotNetWrapper.cs:Zeile 156.32.

What can I do in that case?

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