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JCASScript connect to Centera

Hi - I have tried to connect to centera through Jcasscript , but its says authentication error. I was able to login with the same user id and password on Centera Viewer.

CASScript>PO Enter IP address?name=<>,secret=<>

Attempting to connect to: <Enter IP address>?name=<userName>,secret=<password>

SDK Error Occurred:

         Error Number: -10153

         System Error: 0


         Error Class:  Server Error

         Trace:        LoadLibrary(PAI_module.dll)<ClusterCloud::initPAIModule()

with CENTERA_CUSTOM_PAI_MODULE="NULL"<FPPool::Open(*.*.*.6?name=,secre



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Re: JCASScript connect to Centera

check your pea file with centera verify, if you are replicating you must have a merged pea file

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Re: JCASScript connect to Centera

It sounds like you are trying to use an admin login to connect to the data pools on Centera?  That doesn't work; admin credentials are completely separate from pool access credentials.

Try connecting to the default pool via JCAS with a simple 'po <IP-Address>'. If that works, but does not give you access to the data you need (due to virtual pool restrictions) then check out the 'create profile' command section of the Centera administrator's guide.

Good Luck!

Mike Horgan

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