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Just starting .NET Centera development

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Posted Mon Jul 14, 2008

Morning all,

I am new to Centera development and I hoping to build an application to store fixed content. I will be using C# as the code behind, however I cannot seem to find any tutorials on how to do so. Does anyone please know of any tutorials that will help start me off as ideally I would like to build something by the end of today. I have downloaded the SDK and the .NET wrapper.


Ian W.

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Re: Just starting .NET Centera development

Hi Ian,

I'm also new in .NET Centera development, could you find any docs?

It would be great if you could post some tips or samples (also for the configuration).

Thanks a lot,

best regards

Ivan Schnyder

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Re: Just starting .NET Centera development

The Open Source distribution of the .NET wrapper (on SourceForge) contains a solution containing project files and C# / VB.NET source for all common operations.The wrapper and samples contain the documentation within the source code comments.

When building the wrapper, ensure you have Perl installed and available on your PATH.

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Re: Just starting .NET Centera development

Hi stuart,

thanks a lot, could solve my problem after installing an active pearl version.



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