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Question on objecto count

I've got a question about how Centera counts objects.

Let's suppose i store a C-clip with one only blob. As far as i konw, that would result in a increase of 4 objects (2 per CDF and 2 per blob), in a typical mirrored centera.

But if i store a C-clip with 2 blobs, how would the object count change?

It would be increased by 6 (2 per CDF and 2 per blob (2 blobs)) ?

Or it would be increased by 4 (2 per CDF and 2 per all blobs) ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Question on objecto count

The simplest answer: each blob is stored separately and is individually protected by Centera. So you will have two copies of the CDF and two copies of each blob; so 6 objects in total.

Things could get more complicated if you have parity protection (CPP) on your cluster or if you use embedded blobs.


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