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Recalling data from DR centera


we got 2 centeras and one FMA & FMA-HA at our primary site

Question is,

1. Is it possible to recall data from DR centera by using Primary Site FMA & FMA-HA (Please note with out failover from Primary Centera to DR Centera)

2. can I point out FMA-HA to DR centera to recall data

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Re: Recalling data from DR centera

Hi Raj

I am not the FMA specialist but answering your question generally.

1). If you point your FMA to the IP Addresses of the secondary (DR) Centera your application will read from this system. Writes will also go to this system and you need to make sure with bi-directional replication or a restore that everything written to the secondary get's back to the primary one as well. The SDK will perform an automatic read failover in case the primary system is unavailable of the object cannot be found on the primary system.

2). If your FMA-HA system can be configured differently then there should be no issues having this one point to the DR Centera. I am not the FMA specialist though to validate that.

Best regards, Holger

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Re: Recalling data from DR centera

Thanks for posting your question on this site, Although I have little knowledge about FMA or Rainfinity File Management Appliance, I came across the following information during research.

Please refer to Page 39 and 55

EMC Solutions for Rainfinity File Management ApplianceSolution


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