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Chromebook 11, cursor disappears

I'm seeing the same problem as others with my fleet of Chromebook 11s - students come in with no cursor on the screen and can only work with the keyboard. Rebooting often fixes it, but not always. Connecting a mouse works well, but we don't want to use them. It seems to be happening with the older machines, 2.5 years in service. 

It's a sporadic issue, but I've reproduced it with no extensions (logged in as Guest), and after powerwashing the devices. The one thing I can do to eliminate the problem is move the student to a Samsung or ASUS Chromebook - the problem goes away for good.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue with the 11 model?



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@ALoyalSolution Given we have over 1,000 of these devices and I've fixed this issue on hundreds of them, I can tell you it's not a ribbon cable manufacturing issue. It's an assembly issue directly with Dell. They aren't inserting and tacking down the ribbon cable correctly and it's causing it to come loose. Your issue may be indirectly related to this as it's possible that the ribbon cable came loose but outside of that, it's definitely not as you describe.


What is the solution to this issue?  All I see are links to the solution in the original post (which doesn't have a solution, but the same link again).

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