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Upgrading my dell Latitude 11 3189 laptop

Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my Dell Latitude 11 3189. So I'm kinda new with upgrading and I want to do my first upgrade ever. I want to upgrade my 128gb ssd to a 512gb ssd and my 4gb ram to a 8gb ram. So my main questions are, is it possible to, can I do it whit a samsung 512gb 2.5inch ssd and would my laptop stop from getting super hot, or atleast a bit colder then normal, or would it overheat more?

It has a: 

CPU:  intel PentiumN4200
GPU:  Intel HD Graphics 505 (Apollo lake)
Display: 11.6'. HD (1366 x 768). TN
Storage: 128gb SSD
RAM: 4gb 
Weight: 1.44kg (3.2lbs)
I really would appreciate a comment back, thanks already:)

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