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Configure SNMP on NEXUS 5000

Hi Experts,

Seek your help to configure SNMP traps for auto monitoring on CISCO Nexus 5000. Here is the situation:

I have two NEXUS 5K on which SNMP has been enabled , which will send the traps to a particular destination IP address. This IP address is a host with the tools team where they will capture the trap generated and use the NEXUS MIB file and their own matrix to generate alerts and hence tickets.

I have not done the SNMP config before, when checked with the tools team, they informed me though the SNMP traps are being notified on the destination host, the "SNMP VALUE" string which tells the host about the particular issue is reporting as NULL i.e no particular message is being notified like link down or int link reset etc.

Could you please help me in identifying where can be the issue, since the connection is confirmed with the destination IP but the complete message is not being communicated. When check the show snmp trap command it shows the following traps are enabled. I just sense something is missing here which I have not configured from SAN switch side before going to the tools team. Please find the attached to see the exact issue:

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