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Cloud Tiering Appliance

Hello All,

I have recently discovered the CTA ( it seems to be a well kept secret that EMC has a tool not only for file archive but for migrating data from NTP to EMC ). That aside, my questions are, how as a partner can we use this tool?

Is it something we can offer as a data migration service? How is it licensed? Does need to be permanently installed at the customer site? I am mostly looking at this as a great migration tool but need to understand how it is purchased/sold/licensed etc.? Do I as a partner have to purchase it and use it to migrate data, does the customer have to purchase it and keep it permanently? I tried to quote in CXP and CXP hangs everytime I try to get to the CTA page...

Any assistance around this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Re: Cloud Tiering Appliance


We're glad you've discovered CTA.  The product has been on the market (formerly named File Management Appliance) since 2007 as an archiving/tiering tool - we added the stubless migration capability in version 7.5, the most recent release.

Today CTA is licensed per appliance and needs to be installed at the customer site.  We don't currently have a licensing model that allows partners to deliver a data migration service, but this is something that we'd very much like to explore with you. If you'd like, private message me with your contact information and we can discuss this further by phone.

I'm not sure why you're having an issue with CXP, but I'll look into that today.

Thank you,

Kris Cornwall

Cloud Tiering Appliance Product Marketing