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Viewing Thumbnails after CTA has archived the file


Is there anyway to view large icons in explorer after the CTA has archived the file. The customer wants to do this so the client can use this to quickly search for files..



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Re: Viewing Thumbnails after CTA has archived the file

Hello Steve,

Please see the following kb articles on this topic.



Disabling the thumbnail preview is a function of Microsoft Windows.  Windows has opted to not show the preview thumbnail if a file has the CIFS offline attribute set.  When an archive task occurs, the CIFS attribute is set so Windows will stop displaying the review information.  There are alternate programs that can be used to browse the directory structure that will not turn off preview, but this is not something that is controlled by the CTA or the archive process.

For NetApp this cannot be disabled the offline attribute is not possible for archived files as it would break the FPolicy recall functionality.  For VNX there is option to disable the offline attribute but this should not be done if CIFS is used to archive the files because there are some severe consequences for CTA.



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