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Ask the Expert: EMC IT Hybrid Cloud

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During this Ask the Expert event, Mike Norris, VP, Cloud Platforms, EMC IT, and Ken Paul, Consultant Architect, EMC IT, will be addressomg EMC’s journey to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. We’ll be discussing how shifting to the hybrid cloud can ramp up service delivery while reducing operational costs and allow you to respond more quickly to fast-changing markets.  During this event, our experts are here to discuss how EMC was able to drive agility and cost savings by implementing a hybrid cloud. Our experts are happy to share best practices and lessons learned while making the journey to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

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Meet Your Experts:


Twitter: @mikenorris26

Mike Norris

VP Cloud Platforms - EMC IT

Mike is responsible for leading EMC IT’s Cloud Platform Team. The team is responsible for delivering infrastructure and platform service across its global data centers in support of over 400 applications that support the critical needs of EMC’s business. During Mike’s 7 years at EMC his team has achieved high degrees of virtualization (95%) and has transformed the IT hosting infrastructure into a Hybrid Cloud environment. Driving technological and organizational transformation, Mike and his team are delivering more agile and cost effective services as part of EMC’s IT as a Service transformation.


Twitter: @kenpaul

Kenneth Paul

Consultant Architect - EMC IT

Kenneth is a 30 year IT veteran. His focus is on implementing next generation software defined data center architecture for business and mission critical applications. He is part of a team leading platform strategy and engineering efforts in IT to virtualize systems, network, and storage infrastructure. Ken is the Lead systems architect for EMC Propel SAP project, and lead architect for the Atlas cloud platform program. He is part of the customer facing IT Proven team and works closely with product engineering to test the latest federation products directly in production.

This discussion takes place from May 5th - 15th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC IT Hybrid Cloud

Welcome to the Ask the Expert conversation. I'm assuming many of you wish you were able to take part of the live conversation on CrowdChat, but couldn't make it. During this ATE event you can still post your questions to Mike and Kenneth, so go ahead and ask our experts whatever is on your mind about the EMC IT Hybrid Cloud.

Here is the archive of the discussion on CrowdChat that took place May 5th, https://www.crowdchat.net/chat/c3BvdF9vYmpfMTI2Mg==

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