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Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail


Ask the Expert: Introducing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.5

Ask the Expert: Introducing the New VCE VxRail™ Appliance

Ask the Expert: What’s New with our Hybrid Cloud Platforms?

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Welcome to the Dell EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation!

One year ago, VxRail Appliances took the hyper-converged world by storm with the industry’s only HCI appliance specifically developed and fully optimized for VMware environments. Now, we can look back at 2016 as the year that changed hyper-converged infrastructure for the better.

Now available on Dell EMC VxRail, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud includes support for a proven appliance that lets customers start small & grow while enjoying the same benefits of automation and self-service as those built for larger businesses with the utmost flexibility to design the best solution rapidly to satisfy their business needs. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail is sustained as one and provides 24x7 support in a single call.


To see our platforms in action, visit either of our demo sites; or, learn more on our webpage and follow @emccloud on Twitter.

Our industry experts are here to help you answer any questions you may have around leveraging our hybrid cloud platforms for your IT transformation.

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Meet Your Experts:


Inigo Olcoz

Technical Marketing - Cloud Solutions

Inigo has more than 20 years of IT industry experience as presales engineer, consultant and VMware trainer. He started his career at EMC as a vSpecialist in the EMEA South region. Now, he is part of the Global Cloud solution Technical Marketing team, developing technical content around the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution.


Karol Boguniewicz

Senior Technical Marketing Manager - Cloud Solutions

Karol has an MBA and is an experienced IT consultant with a strong technical background from various roles, gained by taking a “full path” from system administration & delivery at the global enterprise (EMC & VMware Customer), through delivery & consulting at the dynamic system integrator (EMC & VMware Partner) and 5 years as a presales engineer (vSpecialist) at EMC. Now, being part of the EMC Global Cloud Solutions Technical Marketing team, focused on Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution.


James Walkenhorst

Technical Marketing Manager - Cloud Solutions

James has been working with EMC storage solutions in 24x7 enterprise environments since 1999, and with VMware virtualization products since 2004. He has been with EMC for 3+ years, and is working with an awesome team facing awesome challenges. James is currently the manager of the Everything VMware at EMC community, and always looking for ideas and feedback to help improve user experience and drive community engagement. His expertise include; EMC Cloud Solutions, vCloud suite, vSphere 5.x, Isilon, vSphere 4.x, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Everything VMware at EMCConnect with James on Twitter.


Cynthia O'brien

Product Marketing Manager - Converged Platforms Solutions

As a member of he Converged Platforms Division Cindy has been focusing on the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud since 2014. She also manages the cloud team's social voice on @EMCcloud, so give us a follow!


Jason Marques

Sr. Consultant Engineer, VxRail and VxRack SDDC Tech Marketing

Jason Marques has been with Dell EMC for 9+ years beginning as a Core Systems Engineer, then moving into a presales specialist role as a vSpecialist, and is now a Sr. Consultant Engineer for VxRail and VxRack SDDC Technical Product Marketing.


Product Management
Eyal is a consultant product manager with Dell EMC VxRail team, with years of IT management and architecture experience both in the field and in the datacenter. He specializes in converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions for business critical applications, in private and hybrid cloud deployments. Eyal loves technology in all flavors; mobile gadgets, home automation, home audio and photography.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

Hi experts, congratulations for providing additional options for our customers. In the introduction of this event it says that 2016 has been the year that "changed hyper-converged infrastructure for the better", could you please elaborate how this announcement represents an improvement and what are some of the features that are now available?

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

Well from the VxRail Platform level, this provides just another great use case for which hyper-converged infrastructure appliances can be leveraged. It goes to prove the maturity of hyper-converged infrastructure as being ready for business critical workloads and transformational IT use cases like IaaS which EHC provides.

It also brings the ability to transform IT using a smaller and more cost effective entry point for the EHC Hybrid Cloud Platform.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail expands to a broader market by providing an on-premises, turnkey solution for hybrid cloud deployments at price points that work for the mid-market. It is built on a foundation of VMware Validated Designs using VMware SDDC components. The new release (4.1.1) provides an automated installation process that reduces the time and cost of delivery.  A new subscription-based support model includes all professional services to support an annual upgrade. This makes it easier for customers to take advantage of the latest enhancements to the vRealize Suite and the VMware stack, by building the cost of services into the annual contract. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail further extends the value of the VMware SDDC by offering a rich set of workflows such as backup, encryption and Databases as-a-Service integration. It is built and sustained as a single hardware and software entity, with simplified lifecycle management. In summary, we are working hard at Dell EMC making complex infrastructure simple in a service oriented era!

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

It has been a year since the launch of VxRail, can you share with us some of your most prominent findings that led you to come up with the current version? Also, how has adoption been ever since its launch?

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail The above blog post by Chad Sakac describes in depth much of our successes over the past year for VxRail.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

I just wanted to call out a question that got a lot of attention during the Crowdchat.  Hoping the whole panel could weigh in on this one. 

"What are the reasons for customers to look at Hybrid Cloud? Why not just go Public Cloud?"

I would add to that: How does this announcement impact the hybrid vs public cloud comparison?

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

Great question Paul.

There are several reasons why customers, especially enterprises look at Hybrid Cloud, not just Public Cloud. For instance, according to the latest study from IDC (Source: Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Market Survey - NHC/EHC Survey, IDC, December, 2016) - which should be published soon - cost, performance, security and IP concerns are the top challenges reported by the customers adopting the Public Cloud model. According to the same study, the majority of surveyed customers have an exit migration plan, with security and IP concerns as the top drivers for repatriation to Private Cloud. They also reported, that cost and security are the biggest drivers to use Private Cloud.

Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud helps to overcome these challenges, reducing the risk and combining the benefits of Private and Public Cloud. It gives the possibility to better control and reduce the cost. We predict that especially the new EHC on VxRail offering will help to start small and grow the environment over time. With the full governance, cost transparency and lack of hidden costs for data transfers, costs are much more predictable. Performance shouldn’t be an issue with the use flash of technology, you can define different service levels both from the performance, but also data protection / availability perspective. When it comes to security, we’re leveraging VMware NSX SDN, which includes microsegmentation on a hypervisor level, increasing security in such environment when compared to the traditional / legacy network architectures. If you need to encrypt sensitive data, you have the option for that with CloudLink SecureVM.

In summary, with this announcement, we’re making Enterprise Hybrid Cloud more affordable and competitive when compared to “pure" Public Cloud options.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail

When a customer buys EHC on VxRail, how much of the solution is ready to go out of the box and how much customization is needed once it lands? Is there an "LCS" style process beforehand ?