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How to use BMC after configuring it on Cloud Array


Yesterday Support and I were able to get BMC configured following the guidelines in the physical appliance installation guide docu59133.  However, I do not see how to access it and how to use it.  Is there a whitepaper or other such instructions explaining how to use the BMC?

Like do you browse to https://<IPADDRESS>  or do you go to https://<IPADDRESS>/BMC

I cannot access it and when I try the above, I get that it times out or the site is not reachable.  I checked with my network team and they verified that traffic is flowing over ports 80 and 443 and there are no blocks, so I tried https://<FQDN> and that still did not work.

Is there an application needed to use this?

I have tried searching support.emc.com and here in the communities and there is no guides that I can find on how to use the BMC.  Any help will be great!



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