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Why CloudArray couldn't be connected after upgrade 6.0.3 to 6.0.4?


Upgrade CloudArray for ESXi from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4 made couldn't connect to CloudArray after the rebooting.

Do you know why the connecting couldn't be done? What the reasons? The steps were the following.

1. Clicked on [UPGRADE AVAILABLE] on the CloudArray screen.

2. The message box changed from [Installing CloudArray Updates] to [CloudArray Update complete]. [Reboot CloudArray] bottan was shown and clicked.

3. Freazed at "Connecting To CloudArray" on CloudArray GUI after Cloud Array started. So cleared the cache of the browser and restarted the GUI and couldn't connected.

4. The followings were logged in the report log on CloudArray portal site.

 [CLOUD][BUCKET_CREATE_FAILED] Failed to create bucket bucket:bucket reason:Access forbidden

 [Unknown][Unknown] Unknown


continuing for 9 hours

 [Unknown][Unknown] Unknown


 [APPLICATION][STARTUP_COMPLETE] CloudArray Started version:@(#) $CloudArray: RELEASE version $ builtSmiley Very Happyec 14 2015 12:49:38 by:root@lqaf9091 from:branches/alfred pid:2792

5. Restarted CouldArray appliance by vSphere Client because the screen was freezed when the CloudArray console was opened.

6. Got to the connected to the GUI by restarting the management server because CloudArray still couldn't be connected.

7. Restarted the CloudArray service because the Cloud Provider showed error even though could connect if the same Cloud Provider was newly registered but the situation seemed strange.

8. By the above step 7, the connecting to the CloudArray, CIFS, NFS and Cloud Provider got to normal.

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Re: Why CloudArray couldn't be connected after upgrade 6.0.3 to 6.0.4?

Hi Hiroki,

It looks like the error might be related to cloud connection. Can you generate a support capture ( administration-support) and send it to me for review? yi.xue@emc.com



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