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Recreate deleted CTAArchive share

A month ago I accidently removed the CTAArchive SMB share from the Isilon storing the archive directory. The NFS export is still present and untouched.

When a stub file has been double clicked, it should re-hydrate itself and open the archived file.  Even after recreating the SMB share, we are still  unable to successfully recall the archive/stubbed file. 

Do I need to reestablish the VNX-Isilon link in CTA?

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Re: Recreate deleted CTAArchive share


You do need to re-create the DHSM connection to be able to retrieve the data from the destination repository, as this is the way to connect to it and for the stubbed data to be recalled back. If any issues, do not hesitate to open an SR for the CTA Support team to help troubleshoot. 



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