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archive to Azure and recall

I am using CTA 12.0.1

(still in testing btw)

I have archived a bunch of files to Azure........  Azure has 3 tiers of storage.   "HOT", for new items that is quickly and easily recoverable.    "COOL" that is not as quickly recoverable, but fast enough for a user to not really notice a difference.  and "Archive"-----which pretty much means offline.

THe time frame for each of those tiers is customizable through Azure.....for testing, I had HOT itmes go to COOL, after a day, then after a few days, they would then migrate to Archive.   All working as expecting

so, next was to recover some items that were in archive, and HOT and COOL, was recoverable by doubleing clicking the stub in windows explorer.

on the CTA/Schedule, if I select an Archive job, then hit History, I am able to view the file list, which shows me all the files that a particular job archived.

for example:

"\\testshare\4Feb2020CTA\video\Billings\ISizuqugg169b51000000000.jpg"	"33446"	"Tue Feb  4 13:30:43 2020"	"Fri Nov 10 08:49:48 2017"	"\\azure-test\ns480-emc-blob3+cta_10.100.5.79_1580861331_2418_7_b"	"0"	"0"

There I can see what the CTA renamed the file when it sent it to AZURE   (cta_10.100.5.79_1580861331_2418_7_b)

To recall an archived file, I had to use the Azure Storage Explorer, open the blob of storage, search for that name, then tell it to move to the COOL tier.   after 5 hours, I was then able to access the file as expected...

So, after all of that, here is my question......

is there an easier/ faster way to find the name that the CTA named than what I explained earlier?

How long does the CTA keep the log file of the files it moves?




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