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migration question

I have an OLD emc cx-4 480.....(like super old) that is used for file storage with several shared directories

I just got a brand new Unity XT.

with CTA, i know i can migrate data from the OLD to Azure.  (i tested that earlier this year before i got the NEW system.

My question is this:

once i get the NEW system up and functioning, can I migrate some stuff from OLD to azure, and some to NEW then shutdown OLD without causing issues to users that have various  mapped drives to shared directories?


should i migrate everything from OLD to NEW, then move some stuff to Azure?


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Kenneth Aviles
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Re: migration question

Hello John, 

Block archiving is only supported with block resources in Dell EMC Unity. The recommendation would be to migrate to Dell EMC Unity first and then use CTA to take copies of snapshots to the cloud (i.e. Azure). 

Reference the Dell EMC Unity: Cloud Tiering Appliance (CTA) white paper. 




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