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CloudBoost warning high disk usage


my CloudBoost portal has every hour an event

Warning: High disk usage (73%) for site_cache on "boost-server". Please add more space.

a new disk was added with the same size, but an error message occur:

Disk id=2 has been unmounted by swift: failed_software

3 minutes ago

What is to do?

BR Dirk

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Re: CloudBoost warning high disk usage

Interesting question DMBrosig.

After you added a new disk, did you reboot the CloudBoost appliance? Ingest of additional site-cache disks does take some time, generally ~20 hours following a reboot.

For this situation, because it is going to require looking into the support bundle, its probably best to reach out to support if it still does not resolve after a reboot.


Dillon Torgersen

Technical Resolution Manager

Dell EMC | Data Protection Division

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