Bandwidth (MB / s) comparative


I'm trying to understand why the Bandwidth (MB / s) of a SC3020 with a configuration higher than an Equallogic PS4100 might be worse.

Storage: SC3020 SAS
Discs: 14 units
Disc Speed: 15K
Tier 3 - RAID10 or 5
Bandwidth (MB / s): ~ 4.6

Storage: PS4100XV iSCSI
Discs: 12 units
Disc Speed: 10K
Bandwidth (MB / s): ~ 8.6

Can someone explain the reason?

Thank you.

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Re: Bandwidth (MB / s) comparative

Hello Sandro Silva Alves,

How many sas connections to the host do you have from your SCv3020? What type of data are you using when you are getting the speeds that you posted? Is your PS4100XV connected to an iSCSI switch or direct connected to the host? How many connections do you have from your host to your PS4100XV?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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