Compellent SCv2020/SCv3020 SSDs

I've been told that the 3.84TB Read Intensive TLC SAS SSDs that are in the SCv2020 and SCv3020 storage arrays are not 'Enterprise Grade', hence the reason they list as cheaper than the 3.84TB RI TLC SSDs in the SC4000 and above - to be honest, I'm not buying it without some proof. Compellent's list price for these modules for the SC4000 and above is $13,000 - that's INSANE.

The 'new' Samsung Enterprise grade 15TB SAS SSD lists for $10K, so if you want to add a 'Dell Premium', I can buy that one coming in at $13,000 -  but not one that's 1/4 the capacity. The prices listed on Dells website for this size SAS SSD in the PE servers and SCv arrays (between $3,300 in the SCv2000 and $5,500 in the SCv3020) are pretty much in line with what would be reasonable for an Enterprise SSD of that size.

A Samsung Enterprise SAS SSD (MZILS3T8HCJM-00003) of this size can be had for just under $3,100 from CDW, so the claim that the 3.84TB RI TLC SSDs in the SCv SANs 'aren't Enterprise Grade' is having a real hard time holding water.

Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of what SAS SSDs REALLY end up in the SCv SANs? with pictures or part numbers and firmware versions if possible?

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Re: Compellent SCv2020/SCv3020 SSDs

I can tell you that I have several SAN's, and these disks are in 3 of them:

WISSD Model HUSMH8040BSS200 Dell Compellent 400GB SSD SAS 2.5" MLC
RISSD Model MZILS480HCGR DELL 480GB SAS 12Gbps Enterprise Plus SSD

WISSD Model PX05SMB040Y Dell Toshiba 400GB 12Gbps SAS eMLC Enterprise Endurance SSD

RISSD Model MZILS3T8HMLH0D4 Dell Samsung SSD - 3.84 TB - SAS 12Gb/s

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Re: Compellent SCv2020/SCv3020 SSDs

It is really a Matter of firmware compatibility between the SCv line and regular SC line, anything in a Dell Storage array are going to be Enterprise Grade. 

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Re: Compellent SCv2020/SCv3020 SSDs

We have a dozen of the 3.84TB RI SSD Model MZILS3T8HMLH0D4  in our SC4020,  Been using them for a little over a year with heavy writes and they are still at 100% endurance.  Everything is kept on this SSD tier, Exchange server, SQL server, about 100 VM's.  So far they have been extremely reliable even in our harsh environment.

Our Dell rep said as long as the compellent system is under warranty, they will replace the drives if they fail regardless of how much data we write to it (i.e. doesn't matter if we wear it out).

Doesn't look like we'll be able to wear it out during the 7 year warranty period.  We also have some of the 1.92TB RI SSD, Model HUSMR1619ASS200  and those after 2.3 years of hard use show mostly at 96% endurance with a couple of drives at 94 and 93%.  DSM is showing estimated drive life of between 30 and 50 years based on our usage.

We paid just under $4k per 3.84TB SSD from Dell with 7 year warranty.


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