Connecting a server with SAS cable in a compellent

Hi, I'm going to add an HBA on the server to connect to a compellent storage. After installing the HBA with the server turned off, I am going to connect the SAS cable to the server HBA and also to the Compellent HBA. Do I need to do any configuration on Compellent so it has access to the LUNs? How do I see that the connection was actually established successfully? Is there any action I need to take care to avoid some kind of operational failure? Thank you.
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Re: Connecting a server with SAS cable in a compellent

Hello Sandro Silva Alves,

Here is the link to the administrator guide and if you look on page 99 it explains how to setup a local host to connect to your Compellent.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Connecting a server with SAS cable in a compellent

As always... you have to create a "Server" on the SC and during this process the servers SAS HBA will be registered on the SC so be sure that your Server is up and running and all cables are in place and connected.

Because sometime is very hard to identify the HBAs wwn we always add one Server after another and not two at same time. We use the Hostname of the phys. Server as the name for  the "Server" object. 

Later you have to use this Server object to create a ACL and specify if a Server gets access to a volume or not. If you place multible Servers into one Server Cluster object you can use this for a ACL as well. This makes sence within a vSphere ESXi or similar environment.



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