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Data Migration from EMC CX4-120 to Compellent

Hello, We are planning data from CX4-120 to Compellent SC8000 over FC.

Can someone share your experience on this subject. Any specific precautions we need to take prior to start? I understand that we need to manually register compellent host in unisphere beforehand in order avoid panic in the CX4. Also, if you can share a guide how to munually register host in CX4.


Regards Shetty

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RE: Data Migration from EMC CX4-120 to Compellent

Primarily the preregistering of the WWNs is key.

I mentioned this in your other post, but there is an internal document used by the Dell Services team that explains the whole process. You can ask for it from Copilot but I'm not sure what their current state of handing that out is..

Something that some people find is not clear is that when you do an import it has to read the ENTIRE volume from CX4 to Compellent even though the volume may not be full. It still has to READ all of those zero's. Once the Compellent sees the zeros it doesn't write the data but it has to read through it... so even though you are importing over FC at FC speeds, it may be faster to do an OS level copy of some data if the dataset is smaller than the entire configured volume.

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