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Dell EM 2.2 Download - Corrupt ZIP

Hello to everyone,

I want to download the latest source "Dell Storage Enterprise Manager - 2015 R2.2 Release (Full Release)" for my SCv2080 and its ok but when I want to extract the zip file with 7zip or Windows, I have a corrupt error everytime on Datacollector Setup exe.

"CRC Failed : Enterprise Manager Client Setup.exe"

"Data error : Enteprise Manager Data Collector Setup.exe"

I can't execute exe without having errors during initialization of the setup. 

So I tried to download this same file again with 2 different browser, different network, always the same.

I can't install Data Collector 2.2R on my server because of this.

Anyone could send me a different download link of this above please? :

Thank you in advance,

Benjamin Tridon

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I'm seeing the same thing.


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Hi, I've got from support a working link

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Thank you but ftp need account to be access, what type of account we need to download this file pls ?

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