How to know free space


we have a SCv2020 storage with (Max Efficient) and another SCV3020 with Tier RAID10 / 6.

Where do I see how much free space I can use to create new LUNs?

Thank you.

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Re: How to know free space

Hello Sandro Silva Alves,

To calculate your free space on an SCv system you will take the total space & divide that by 25%, and the space that is left is your total free space to create volumes. The overhead on a Compellent in most case that I have seen doesn’t get over 25%.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Re: How to know free space

I did not understand.

Answer to my question?

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Re: How to know free space

The used and also the "free" space is shown on the first dashboard like page named "Summary" when connecting with DSM to your SC or DSM DataCollector.

In reality the question about "how much free space" cant be answered. Its hard to understand but when you familar with SC you know why.


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