How to setup an SC4020 with 10Gbps SFP


we have a SC4020 connected on an N4032F and some servers.

I still do not understand how those connections work and would like help for an explanation.

The N4032F is a switch that uses SFP cables to connect to the SC4020 and also the servers.

However when we accessed the N4032F I see network configurations and I thought I would see some zooning type configurations.

On the servers I see a controller with two HBA ports that are connected on the N4032F switch and two network ports that are used for iSCSI. In VMware configurations I see the HBAs and iSCSI configurations.

In SC4020 I only see iSCSI connections.

I did not understand how those connections work. Are they by SFP or iSCSI? Or are these HBAs considered iSCSI?

I have identified that the servers either have a controller with two 10Gb HBA ports and two 10Gb NICs. Or it has a server with a 10Gb HBA controller and a 10Gb network controller.

Does it need to have the HBA controller and also NICs to work?

Are these SPF cables the same as a fiber cable?

I honestly do not understand how this works.

Thank you.

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Re: How to setup an SC4020 with 10Gbps SFP

We are a iSCSI and Compellent shop.... plenty of SC4020, SC5020 around.


1. Its called SFP+  which mean 10GbE

2. You can use 10G DAC (Direct Attached Cable) TwinAxial Copper with1,3,5m. There are Passiv and Active(more lenght) but i only have seen installations with passive type cables.

3. You can use 10G SFP+ Transceiver with OM3/4 Fiber Cable for sure


There is no "Zoninning" on a Ethernet Switch... but something similar because you can use Tagged VLANs.  The setup depens on half a dozen variables like, Virtual Ports, Single or Dual Fabric, FaultDomains, Co-existence with a Dell PS Series on the same ESXi.

But the Standard Setup is

- 2 FaultDomains with 2 Ports each
- 2 different vSS on the ESXi with each one VMK

The SC4020 is not customer installable you have have to talk to Dell or a certified Partner.


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Re: How to setup an SC4020 with 10Gbps SFP

Download the Dell Storage Center SC4020 Storage System Deployment Guide 

Refer to Page 64: Connecting to Host Servers with iSCSI HBAs or Network Adapters
This will take you step by step through the connections needed.

Look at the recommended iSCSI Settings on page 131 and the HBA Server Settings on page 124

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