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Hyper-V Virtual HBA settings .... WWPN and WWNN

Hello all....

I would like to know the best practice for assigning WWNN and WWPN values to the virtual HBA cards.  Documentation on this matter seems to be hard to find....

I have come across one document that shows that the "Primary WWNN" and "Secondary WWNN" on both vHBAs are exactly the same, and that all WWPN should be unique.  For example it would look like this:


I found a different document that shows all WWNN and WWPN should be unique, which would look like this:


Any suggestions?

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Re: Hyper-V Virtual HBA settings .... WWPN and WWNN

Hello Forch,

Here is a link to our best practice guide for configuring your SC with Hyper-v. https://downloads.dell.com/solutions/storage-solution-resources/Dell%20SC%20Series%20Storage%20Best%...

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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