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SC3020 Forgot admin password data collector

I lost the admin password of data collector. I would like a solution to reset a password

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There is no option to reset the DSM user account. I would suggest to verify you are using the correct username and that the username is case sensitive. I have seen it before where the username is typed as "admin" when it is actually "Admin".

You had previously posted that you had purged logs in your database, and now see "error setting up connection"

Can you try rebooting your Data Collector server to verify that the process are up and running? Or can you send me a private message so I can open a case and check your system logs? Include your name, email address, and Compellent system number.

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I will come back to you tomorrow after doing the tests.



I have got the same problem : after a DB problem, we could not log on anymore

Reboot was the solution here !

Thanks for the post.


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