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SC4020 FW update

HI! I have a SC4020 array currently at that I am trying to update to have the Storage Center Update Utility configured, pointed at the correct FW files, and it does validate the FW. On the Storage Center, I run the check for updates command, but it comes back with an error message saying it “Did not pass the latest system health checks”.

There are a couple alerts, but they have all been acknowledged. And I can’t find anything else that appears to be broken. The error message doesn’t supply any other info. All the indicators are green.

Also, this is a lab system that is not connected to the internet. Any ideas what might be causing this? Is there a manual workaround to apply the FW?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: SC4020 FW update

My initial guess is you need to regenerate your self-signed SSL Certificate which is normal for an upgrade to SCOS07.03.xx. I do not have lab access right now so these are the steps based upon memory:

1. Select a Storage Center from the Storage view. (Data Collector connected Storage Manager Client only)

2. In the Summary tab, click Edit Settings. The Edit Storage Center Settings dialog box opens.

3. Click the General tab

4. Select to regenerate SSL certificate at bottom of the General Tab

If this does not work then connect via serial connection and run the command "scupdate checker show". This will show you what internal checker failed.

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