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SCv2000 or SCv2020 Server Compatibility

Would there be any SME's that could help me figure out what servers are compatible with an SCv2000 or SCv2020 storage array?  I am assisting our IT manager with a off-site disaster recovery plan.  I'm not a networking guru but understand the fundamentals of what he's tasked me with.

We currently have the following hardware that we would like to replicate from.

2 R630 Servers

SCv2020 with 16 960 GB SAS 12GB SSD's

Many N2048P switches

We trying to figure out if our old Power Edge 2950 would be compatible with another SCv2020 that we want to place in one of our offsite location to replicate our data.  I have read so many articles from Dell and plenty from other sources but can't seem to find the details I'm looking. 

Also, maybe some light can be shed on the type of drives that would compatible other than dell branded. Again, we're just trying to see if any of our legacy hardware can used before we buy anything. 



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Re: SCv2000 or SCv2020 Server Compatibility

You havent told us what kind of frontend connectivity your SCv have.

A SCv SAS is only supportet on 13/14.Gen Poweredge Server which means T/R x30 or x40.

If youre speaking about iSCSI or FC it have nothing todo with the Server it self. You have to verify the HBA and the OS which runs on the server. Just look into https://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_solutions_int/esuprt_solutions_int_solutions_...

Note: Using a SSD Only Storage with a >10 old Server is a joke right?


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Re: SCv2000 or SCv2020 Server Compatibility

Hello TB479,

With a SCv2020 it depends on which system you have as to if you can connect your PE2950 to it.  If your SCv2020 is iSCSI or fibre then you might be able to use your PE2950.  If you have a SAS SCv2020 then you will not be able to use your PE2950 as Joerg stated.

As far as hdd’s for any Compellent system must be a Dell certified drive as well as have the Compellent firmware loaded on the drive.  Any drive that doesn’t meet this will show in the system as not compatible & will be powered down & then marked as bad.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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