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SCv3020 send to remote syslog


I would like to send my syslog logs to a remote syslog server. I have a server which runs syslog on port 1600 and expects UDP. However, in the Dell Storage Manager Client I can only set the "Host or IP adress", but I cannot specify the port. Is it possible to specify a custom port somehow? I tried with:

" 1600"

None of those worked 

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Hello kikog,

You can’t specify a custom port on your SCv3020.  The only options are to give an ip address or host name.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Hello Sam,

Are there any plans to support this in the future?

This is the first time I have ever seen in an enterprise hardware to not be able to specify a port. That is the only component we have that cannot gather logs for it. 


Hello nikog,

I did some additional checking on this and we have not had any customers that have needed to redirect the logs.  What you can do is to call into support and open a case and we can see if this can be done in a future release.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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We are facing a similar issue - What is the default Port that the product is using (514 or 1514)?


It looks like we are using port 514. Page 625 Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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I'm running into this issue right now with my SC4020.

I need to specify the port, but I can't.

This is not a $350 NAS that I store my pictures and PDFs on at home. This is an enterprise level storage system. Quite literally, every other single device on my corporate network allows me to specify the port for syslog, from APCs to firewalls to video conference cameras to copiers to the postage meter.

I don't want to hear from Dell that I can't do it. I want to hear how to do it.

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We can live with the default port but i have never seen a single syslog entry on my servers (vRealize LogInsight) so i have my doubt that this function works in general regardless to the used ports because my syslog server is within the same subnet and i have specified an IP (no Hostname to avoid DNS problems)

I have more than one SC system in different environments and it works on none of them

I ran into the same problem until I switched my syslog server to UDP instead of TCP. Then I started seeing the Compellent messages appear in syslog.

I use the Graylog appliance on Esxi, and it allows me to run several "mini" syslog "listeners" where I can specify a protocol and port for each category of stuff I want to track. For my APCs, I send them to Graylog TCP Port 1550. For my copiers, I send them to Graylog TCP Port 1551.

Since I can't specify neither protocol nor port for the Compellent, I had to go into the appliance (runs on Ubuntu)  and use use iptables to NAT port 514 to port 1555. Then in Graylog, I just created another syslog listener, running on UDP port 1555.

Kind of a pest because as I said, literally every piece of gear in the office that can report to a syslog server gives me the option of specifying a port and whether it's TCP or UDP. Except for my enterprise level SAN.

Now to figure out why the vast majority of messages in the syslog for the SC4020 are "arp: packet with invalid ethernet address length 0 received on eth0". 

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