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Setup FS8600 network

Is there anyone out there that can help me out how to setup a brand new FS8600??

My biggest question is how to attach the FS8600 to the network.
or with the maintenance port or with the Fiber interfaces.

i can login directly via VGA console with cli, but after that no glu what or how to setup the thing.
also no help from dell on any website.
first i need to have it on the network before i can add it to the Dell Storage Manager.

every help is apprciated.

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You should have had install/configuration included in purchase. You can call Copilot and they can get you in touch with the FS8600 support group.

Did you buy FC 10gb network or copper 10gb network?

During my install, we had several issues, and ended up having to get Tier 2 involved.

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