Several SC-30- Not Booting past Redboot

I have a very strange story/issue that defies all logic. Maybe someone can provide a new idea.

I have a client with a Compellent SC-030 pair of controller and 2 disk arrays. One of the controllers failed a moth ago with a motherboard failure. The other unit kept chugging along as we purchased and installed a new Dell UNITY SAN. 

We lost power because of a brownout and the lone SC30 controller would not boot. Troubleshooting with a console cable basically showed that the system was booting to the internal CF card and loading the following. It basically goes through the Redboot bootloader and then loads up compellent.gzip file. Once that happens, the system just starts the boot process all over again and freezes. 

Ive been working with Dell Co-Pilot all week on this, replaced the motherboard in the dead unit that was on the shelf when the power issue happened. Same issue. Booting from CD ( which works successfully) and erasing, writing and installing the OS works. I got a copy of the upgrade ISO and dug through to find the "secret" cd codes and password. Nothing works.

I bought a couple units off ebay from a guy who removed them from a working site. Same issue. What am I missing? What are the odds I have 4 unit that do the same thing?

I also thought maybe it has a y2k type issue and set the bios date back, nothing, same issue. 

Here is the output: 

MPCT Product Id:              Bridge CRB
SuperMicro Product...Setup IRQ table!

RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [DISK]
Compellent release, version v50A DGBE AUTO - built 12:28:44, Aug 4 2009

Platform: PC (I386)
Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, Red Hat, Inc.

RAM: 0x00000000-0x80000000, 0x0006df70-0x80000000 available
default boot string
load -d -b 0x108000 -m disk hda2:compellent.gzip;go
RedBoot> load -d -b 0x108000 -m disk hda2:compellent.gzip;go
load :: read image file header
load elf image
Type: 2, Machine: 3, Version: 1, Entry: 0x00108000, PHoff: 0x00000034/32/1, SHoff: 0x0279c8ec/40/13
Program header: type: 1, off: 0x00001000, va: 0x00108000, pa: 0x00108000, len: 41488344/146316832, flags: 7
Loadable segment(0x00108000)
Copy data(len=41488344) into memory
Entry point: 0x00108000, address range: 0x00108000-0x02898fd8
load :: read image complete

MPCT Product Id:              Bridge CRB
SuperMicro Product...Setup IRQ table!

Here is the output of a controller (SC40) that has the same OS and was the only link I could find anything that shows me a "normal" boot process. An old Ebay listing with the console out to show how it boot correctly.


Any ideas? 


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