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Basic Design Question

We are lucky enough to be getting a pair of Cisco 9513's for our SAN fabric.
I'm planning out our design and wanted to ensure my thought process is correct.

2-Cisco 9513 Directors each with two 48-port blades (Slots 1&2) and a 24-port blade (Slot 3)
2-Cisco 9124 Switches in an HP c-Class blade chassis
1-DMX-3 with 16 front-end ports
1-CX600 with 4 front-end ports

I was planning on creating a dual core-edge fabric design.

Fabric A:
1 Cisco 9513 and 1Cisco 9124 connected via 2 4GB port channels
(Slot-Port 1-1 & 3-1 with 4GB dedicated bandwidth for each)

The DMX-3 connections and CX-600 connections are going to be distributed among each slot and port groupings each with dedicated bandwidth (2GB).
(I.e. 1-13, 1-25, 1-37, 2-13, 2-25, 2-37, 3-7, 3-13 & 3-19)

All other ports will share bandwidth in an oversubscribed manner.
All DMX ports from FA 8 will go to fabric A
Clariion ports SPA0 & SPB0 will go to fabric A

Fabric B:
Will mimic Fabric A
All DMX ports from FA 9 will go to fabric B
Clariion ports SPA1 & SPB1 will go to fabric B

Any potential problems or items to watch out for?

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Re: Basic Design Question


Your overall design appears sound but without knowing your entire SAN configuration and your design goals, it is not possible to provide you with complete feedback on the configuration you are suggesting. There are many factors that go into deciding the best configuration to use. EMC and Cisco provide various documents that give some recommendations and you may want to review them. The best way to ensure your configuration meets your needs and goals is to have EMC Professional Services involved in the project.

Thank you.
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