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Cisco MDS9148 fiber cable

With below port status. Should I be using 62.5 ua cable or 50ua cable?

gcdc-fcsw-cab-15-a# show interface fc1/2 transc det
fc1/2 sfp is present
    Manufacturer's part number is FTLF8528P2BCV-CS
    Revision is D
    Serial number is xxxxxxx
    FC Transmitter type is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)
    FC Transmitter supports short distance link length
    Transmission medium is multimode laser with 62.5 um aperture (M6)
    Supported speeds are - Min speed: 2000 Mb/s, Max speed: 8000 Mb/s
    Nominal bit rate is 8500 Mb/s
    Link length supported for 50/125mm fiber is 50 m
    Link length supported for 62.5/125mm fiber is 20 m
    Cisco extended id is unknown (0x0)

    No tx fault, no rx loss, in sync state, diagnostic monitoring type is 0x68
    SFP Diagnostics Information:
                                     Alarms                  Warnings
                                High        Low         High          Low
  Temperature  31.67 C         75.00 C     -5.00 C     70.00 C        0.00 C
  Voltage       3.27 V          3.63 V      2.97 V      3.46 V        3.13 V

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Re: Cisco MDS9148 fiber cable

You can use both, but in SAN land 50mu is the cable most commonly used. But beware of connecting 2 patches together: try not to do that or if you need to, use the same specs. And another thing: 50mu can reach further than 62.5 and then there's the OM2, 2, 4 specs. OM4 can reach the farthest. I don't know the distances by heart, but I'd try to maintain some sort of standard. So once you go 50mu OM3, try to use that for all patches. But that's cosmetic.

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