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Configuring FC/IP using VEX_ports

All, I'm currently trying to implement FC/IP using 2 x MP7800 Brocades and have created  the IP connectivity, and can ping both ways with no errors.

I want to avoid merging the 2 fabrics, so I've set one side to VEX_port and the other to VE_port.

When I create the FCIP tunnel, and re-enable to VE and VEX ports (and Ge ports), the side that is set to VEX_port has a status of "Disable" and the VE port side has a status of "InProg", so clearly the tunnel creation hasn't been successful.

The only license I have installed on the MP7800's is the Enhanced Group Management license, however I've read that to use VEX_ports, I need an

Integrated Routing license - Integrated routing (IR) Required to configure EX_Ports and VEX_Ports to support Fibre Channel Routing (FCR).

And/or the 7800 upgrade license for full FCIP capabilities.

My question is, do I need either of the above licenses to perform this configuration, or am I doing something wrong?

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Allen Ward
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Re: Configuring FC/IP using VEX_ports

You will definitely need the Integrated Routing license to enable the VEX (or EX) port capability on the one 7800 (but you don't need it on the other 7800). According to my Brocade contacts if you are running the newer FOS versions you do not need the upgrade license for anything but enabling additional ports on the base 7800. If you are OK working with the 2 GigE and 4 FC ports it comes with by default then you should be good to go with just the IR license.

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