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Moving the FX8-24 Blade from one DCX switch to another

Hi, We have a DCX (DCX-A) switch in Datacenter A (DC A). The network team plans to move its DWDM equipment from DCA to DCB. We have a DCX Switch in the Datacenter B. 

Slot 11 in the DCX A Switch has an FX8-24 Blade which is configured for FCIP. We would like to physically move the FX8-24 blade from the DCX A switch  and install it in the DCX B switch. The FTR_10G license will be transferred from one switch to another by EMC.

Will removing the FTR_10G license from the DCX A switch require a switchdisable/enable or a  reboot? Will adding the FTR_10G license to the DCX B Switch require a switchdisable/enable or a reboot?

The Slot will be removed from one DCX switch and added to another at the same time as the network equipment , will we need to reconfigure the FCIP on the DCX B Switch?

Any other steps that need to be done to carry out the above activity?


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Re: Moving the FX8-24 Blade from one DCX switch to another

Hello, Did you perform this activity? How did it go? I need to perform a similar activity and trying to compile the steps involved.

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