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Will Connectrix Mgr detect and report on an intermittent FC cables?


I would like to find out if Connectrix Manager will detect and send an alert on intermittent Fibre cable connections?

Follow-up questions:

-  Will intermittent errors be sent to the Connectrix Manager console and also to ESRS?

- Are there error thresholds that need to be met before the errors are reported?

My customer is asking these questions and at this time I don't know what version of Connectrix Manager they are using.  Assume that they are current with the switch firmware and CTX MGR code levels.

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Re: Will Connectrix Mgr detect and report on an intermittent FC cables?

If you want a quick overview of CMCNE you can reference the following guide.

Also you can look the following sections in the CMCNE user guide:-
Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise 12.3.1 User Guide

Chapter 10 Fault Management
About Port Fencing:-
Port Fencing allows you to protect your SAN from repeated problems
experienced by ports. Use Port Fencing to set threshold limits for the
number of specific port events permitted during a given time period
on the selected object.

Chapter 11 Performance Data
Performance monitoring provides details about the quantity of traffic
and errors a specific port or switch generates on the fabric over a
specific time. You can also use performance monitoring to indicate
the devices that create the most traffic and identify the ports that are
most congested.

Chapter 12
Reports overview
Host Adapter Faulty SFP — Lists all Brocade adapters with
unsupported or faulty SFPs.

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