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bitErrRTThresExceeded + Cisco DS-C9509

hello from novice user/troubleshooter~

We have a Cisco DS-C9509 and I'm using Device Manager 4.1.

I connected FC and enabled a virgin port. The link never came up and has the above error "bitErrRTThresExceeded". Cisco MDS 9000 Dev Man help says this means the "Bit error rate is too high."

I swapped a gbic, but it did not resolve the problem. I put FC in the next port over and everything is great!

I've searched Cisco 9000 series help and the forum here (can't get article EMC100582 for some reason right now), but I'm wondering if I can resolve this problem myself or if I should call the CE? If a solution is buried somewhere in a manual, I'm happy to read it if someone can point me there!

Thanks much for your consideration.
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Re: bitErrRTThresExceeded + Cisco DS-C9509

I always call this port state the "error disabled" state. What you can do to resolve this is to disable the port and bring it back up. This clears the thresshold and the port starts working again.
If the errors shows itself again after a while you should look at why the error rate is too high: are the patch cables damaged, is the HBA still ok ? you can disable the error detection, but the risk you're transmitting data over a faulty line might be too high for you.

To prevent the detection of bit error threshold events from disabling the interface on fibrechannel interfaces use:

switchport ignore bit-errors

to turn it back on:

no switchport ignore bit-errors
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Re: bitErrRTThresExceeded + Cisco DS-C9509

For the error reported in the initial thread you can refer to the following article for troubleshooting steps for the error reported.

Cisco MDS Switches: Unable to bring port online due to exceeded Bit-Error threshold.


If you use primus reference emc230645.

Also note even after SFP are replaced on some occasion's the interface still needs to be reset to get it online.

Taking the interface fc1/1 as an example, you can use the following commands to reset the interface.

config terminal

interface fc 1/1


do clear counters interface fc 1/1

no shutdown

If the above steps didn't help you can use the troubleshooting steps in another article to help source the cause of the issue. I.e if you wanted to determine if its a problem with the cable/ SFP/ the physical portbalde or attached device itself..


Its matching primus number is emc132384.

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