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communication switches logan distance

I am 02 switch brocade 6510B (Serial Number BRCBRW1903J007 OEM and OEM Serial Number BRCBRW1903J003) and this switch must communicate through CWDM in another location with brocade switch 5100B. We would like to know which gbic approved for this type of communication (manufacturer and model).

Thank you very much.

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Re: communication switches logan distance

Firstly, welcome to the forums, and above all, thank you for being an EMC customer.

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Re: communication switches logan distance


I have attached the Brocade SFP matrix where you can see the SFP models supported by each of the switchs. On the other hand, the SFP to use in your environment depends on the CWDM device because this dev will be the one directly connected to each switch. What SFPs does the CWDM device have? You have to use a SFP with the same characteristics on the switchs.


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