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preformance Issuse

we have Dell Equallogic array with 22 volumes and only 1 raid level i.e raid 50 . Now we need to migrate to vnx block Array , we want to use Raid 5 . Now

If only one RAID level was used in the current array, do we have the ability to review performance at the LUN level  on the EqualLogic to determine which LUN’s can benefit from the write performance advantage of RAID 5 on the new array?  If we can properly use the 4+ TB of RAID 5, that would be my preference.  Can you please give any thought to the LUN distribution across the two RAID groups? 

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Re: preformance Issuse

I believe this thread should be moved to VNX Support Forum...

For VNX performance, please refer to the whitepaper: EMC VNX Unified Best Practices for Performance:


There are also many related threads in the forum that you can refer to:

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