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FAQ / CSI Driver for VxFlexOS

Which CSI version driver conforms to?
The driver works with Kubernetes 1.13 and CSI specification 1.0 and onwards with the CSI interface enabled

What are the supported features?
The following table lists the supported action to manage the lifecycle of a VxFlex volume managed with the CSI driver.

|Action                     |Supported (version)|
|Static Provisioning        |yes                |
|Dynamic Provisioning       |yes                |
|Binding                    |yes                |
|Retain Reclaiming          |yes                |
|Delete Reclaiming          |yes                |
|Recycle Reclaiming         |no                 |
|Expanding Persistent Volume|no                 |
|Resizing Persistent Volume |no                 |
|Create Snapshot Volume     |yes                |
|Create Volume from Snapshot|yes                |
|Delete Snapshot            |yes                |

It is possible to create multiple or different `StorageClass` in order to access different storage pool.

What are the known limitations?
The current implementation has a limitation on the number of snaps that can be taken (cf. Release Notes).

A single node can connect to only one VxFlex OS gateway.

How do I set up the VxFlex OS CSI driver?
The CSI driver can be installed with `helm` or with the installation scripts provided.

We recommend using the scripts, which leverage `helm`, as they will check your pre-requisites are fulfilled.

More details from the documentation: https://github.com/dell/csi-vxflexos/blob/master/CSI%20Driver%20for%20VxFlex%20OS%20Product%20Guide....

How to uninstall the CSI driver?
Like for the installation, you can uninstall the driver with `helm`:

helm delete VXFLEX_RELEASE [--purge]

Or execute the script:

sh uninstall.vxflexos

How to upgrade the CSI driver?
The command to upgrade is:

helm upgrade VXFLEX_RELEASE

A script might be released in the future.

What are the prerequisites for CSI drive installation?
To check your system complies with the pre-requisites, you can execute the script `sh verify.kubernetes`

The exhaustive list of pre-requisites is given in the release notes.

Which k8s distributions are supported?
The driver was tested with the vanilla Kubernetes v1.13, as the only distro with the CSI 1.0 available at the time. 

What operating systems are supported?
The driver was tested with CentOS 7.3, 7.5

How to troubleshoot the driver?
The driver can be troubleshooting using the usual `kubectl` commands as any other k8s pod/resources.

In particular, the driver logs can be check with: `kubectl logs -n vxflexos vxflexos-controller-0 driver`

Which driver version is installed?

helm list -c VXFLEX_RELEASE

Which SDC versions are supported?
The CSI Driver for VxFlex OS has been tested against VxFlex OS 3.0

Exhaustive details are given in the release notes https://github.com/dell/csi-vxflexos/blob/master/CSI%20Driver%20for%20VxFlex%20OS%20Release%20Notes....

Where do submit an issue against the driver?
The VxFlex OS driver is officially supported by Dell EMC.

We encourage you to post questions and issues in this forum.

You could also open a ticket directly on the support website https://www.dell.com/support/

and also by phone.

Is volume expansion is supported?
No, volume expansion is not supported at this time.

Can I run this driver in the production environment?
Yes, the driver is production grade. Please make sure your environment follows the pre-requisites and Kubernetes best practices.

How do I build the driver from the sources on GitHub?
The VxFlex OS driver is implemented in golang. To build it from the source you can check out the code from: https://github.com/dell/csi-vxflexos/ and follow the instructions.

If you patched the driver and built, the easiest way to distribute it within your Kubernetes cluster is to patch the helm chart from: https://github.com/dell/csi-vxflexos/blob/master/helm/csi-vxflexos/Chart.yaml and follow the usual steps.

Why my volume instanciated size is 8Gb instead of the value I configured?
The minimum volume size value in VxFlex OS is 8GB. For any persistent volume claim lower than 8Gb the created volume in VxFlex OS will be 8Gb.

Do I need to have programming skills to use CSI driver?

To use the driver, you need to have basic knowledge around k8s administration (How to create a PV, How to use a Volume, etc.) and basic knowledge of VxFlex OS administration (install the SDS client, configure the connectivity to the VxFlex Gateway, etc.).


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