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Points to ponder before posting any queries in "CSI Containers" community

Provide below details(whichever applies) to reduce turnaround time :-

  1. Operating System and its version
  2. Orchestrator type and its version (e.g., Kubernetes v1.19.4 or OpenShift 4.7)
  3. Driver Version (e.g., CSI-PowerScale 1.7)
  4. Installer Type (Helm or Operator); In case of Operator, its version
  5. Storage array version
  6. Isilon user used in secret (whether that user has all the permission to do the intended operation) 
  7. "dnsPolicy" used. (e.g. ClusterFirstWithHostNet / ClusterFirst )
  8. Whether any pod security policy has been applied; If yes, provide the info (may be pod yaml)
  9. Whether RootClient Enabled is set to true or false in storage class ? -- (for csi-powerscale)
  10. Detailed steps to reproduce
  11. Expected and actual result
  12. List of affected objects (like PVCs / PODs / VolumeSnapshot / StorageClass/ VolumeSnapshotClass etc.)
  13. "kubectl describe" output of affected objects
  14. Appropriate Driver (Controller and node) container log snippet (in debug mode)
  15. Any other environment related information (like network settings etc.)
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