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The specified host network address already exists

I'm using Dell CSI Unity driver with OKD 4 to provide storage via iSCSI and NFS. We are also using a Machine Config Operator so that cluster nodes can be provisioned, added, and removed easily. So far, this has worked OK and the new nodes get CSI unity-node pods scheduled on them.

Today we ran into a case where an IP address belonging to an old node was reused by a new node, and this has resulted in errors when the unity-node pod starts on that node.

The relevant log lines seem to be:

time="2021-07-13T13:47:37Z" level=debug arrayid=ckm00201700161 runid=node-332 msg="Error in response. Method:POST URI:/api/types/hostIPPort/instances Error: [{The specified host network address already exists. (Error Code:0x60000f2)}] JSON Error: [{The specified host network address already exists. (Error Code:0x60000f2)}]" func="*Client).executeWithRetryAuthenticate()" file="dell/gounity/unityclient.go:113"
time="2021-07-13T13:47:37Z" level=error arrayid=ckm00201700161 runid=node-332 msg="failed to invoke Unity REST API server" func="*Client).executeWithRetryAuthenticate()" file="dell/gounity/unityclient.go:127"
time="2021-07-13T13:47:37Z" level=debug arrayid=ckm00201700161 runid=node-332 msg="Adding node [ckm00201700161] failed, Error: [[{The specified host network address already exists. (Error Code:0x60000f2)}]]" func="*service).syncNodeInfo.func2.1()" file="/go/src/csi-unity/service/node.go:1661"
handleServer method: /csi.v1.Identity/GetPluginInfo
time="2021-07-13T13:52:34Z" level=debug msg="/csi.v1.Identity/GetPluginInfo: REQ 0649: XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral={}, XXX_sizecache=0"
time="2021-07-13T13:52:34Z" level=debug msg="/csi.v1.Identity/GetPluginInfo: REP 0649:, VendorVersion=1.5.0, Manifest=map[commit:823c1cb2fd696e996b7ad71b6dfc7e666a203ae8 formed:Mon, 22 Mar 2021 10:42:01 UTC semver:1.5.0 url:], XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral={}, XXX_sizecache=0"
handleServer method: /csi.v1.Node/NodeGetInfo
time="2021-07-13T13:52:36Z" level=debug msg="/csi.v1.Node/NodeGetInfo: REQ 0650: XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral={}, XXX_sizecache=0"
time="2021-07-13T13:52:36Z" level=debug  runid=650 msg="Executing NodeGetInfo with args: {XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral:{} XXX_unrecognized:[] XXX_sizecache:0}" func="*service).NodeGetInfo()" file="/go/src/csi-unity/service/node.go:778"
time="2021-07-13T13:52:39Z" level=debug msg="/csi.v1.Node/NodeGetInfo: REP 0650: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc =  runid=650 The node [storage-test-lr78j-worker-f61c10-4w52w] is not added to any of the arrays"
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Hi @jgazeley

In the Array, Old node's host entry has to be cleaned up manually as the driver is not responsible for deletion of host entries. If an old node entry is cleaned up then you will not face this error.

Kindly follow the steps to delete the Old node's entry from Array:

1. Login to Unisphere/Array.
2. Go to hosts section.
3. Search for old host entry.
4. Delete old host entry.

Kindly try it out and let us know any issues further.






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