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kube_volume* metrics support for csi-powerscale

When will these metrics be supported for csi-powerscale?


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Hi @keckles,

We launched a series of projects that aims to add features on top the CSI spec, one of them is for observability metrics :

The core objective is to add Capacity & Perf metrics. As per your request, I added inode to the backlog. The naming might be different from what you are asking.

This feature is planned to be available as a tech-preview for PowerScale in Q3 this year.


In the meantime, there are few metrics available from kube-state-metrics


Feel free to ping me on PM if you want to know more about the Container Storage Module (aka Karavi project).



Whats the status of this ? We are running the latest version of CSI driver but still cannot see those metrics. We need to be able to see Used capacity of Isilon volumes. Those alternative mertics you suggested does not have "used" capacity , only metric which has a total bytes.

I have now upgraded to driver v 2.1.0 and release notes mention that they added support for PV/PVC metrics.


What are the names of the new metrics? Cant seem to find neither in releases notes nor in the source code.

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