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Unable to browse to VCE Vision URL


As far as im aware the customer I am at has never used Vision in the past.  The VMs are up and running, the services on the console look to be up and with some command line it looks like it is running frequent discoveries.

What I cant do is serve the page, I have tried different browsers, https \ http, I have checked VCE quick start and install guides and there are no default ports used as far as I am aware.

I dont get the login screen just a 404 message.

Any ideas on how to resolve or troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Unable to browse to VCE Vision URL

I would suggest a call to VCE Support if the customer has a current contract. The port assignments are available in the Admin Guide appendix that can be located in the Technical Resource Center at: https://docs.vce.com . You will need to create a login to access this information, then navigate to the VCE Vision release that you are working with. 

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