Consumer Service Contracts


Consumer Service Contracts

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Please choose your region and country below or consult the FAQ section for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

To locate your service terms and conditions or service contact (”Service Descriptions” or “Offer Specifications”), first select the applicable country and then select the category of service that you purchased from the options on the left side of the selected country page, then choose among the relevant Service Descriptions or Offer Specifications in that category.

If you are a consumer, please consult

Your services are governed by the Service Descriptions and/or Offer Specifications accessible here and related to your purchased service, in conjunction with your separate signed master services agreement with Dell or, in the absence of such agreement, Dell’s (country specific) Commercial Terms of Sale, customer master service agreement (CMSA) or Cloud Solutions Agreement, as applicable. Please review the Service Description or Offer Specification applicable to the service you purchased to review specific details about the master service terms applicable to your purchase.

The Service Descriptions, Offer Specifications and other Dell service documents accessible here and related to your purchased service and which you receive from your reseller, shall serve only to describe the service offering you are purchasing, your obligations as a service recipient and the boundaries and limitations of the service. You will not have a direct contractual relationship with Dell with regards to the service purchased from the reseller and payment or other contractual terms and conditions will be only as agreed between you and the reseller. In these circumstances, references in the Service Descriptions, Offer Specifications and in any other Dell service document to “Customer” shall be understood as a reference to you, whereas references to “Dell” shall be either to 1) Dell as a service provider, providing the relevant service on behalf of the reseller to you, or 2) Where the reseller is delivering the service to you as a service provider authorized by Dell to perform the service you purchased, that reseller.

For assistance locating or obtaining a soft copy of an active or inactive Service Description or Offer Specification on this website, please contact your regional Dell Technical Support Team. Next select your respective country in the lower right corner and choose your preferred method (email, Chat, Phone Call) to communicate with Dell Technical Support. You can contact your Dell sales representative for more assistance. 

Please note that the publication of a Service Description or Offer Specification on these pages does not establish availability of the service offering in your country. Please contact your local Dell Services Sales Representative to confirm the availability of a service offering in your country.

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